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WeChat things, like usage, tips, message recovery, photo recovery ect.

01/19/2017 From Overblog

Recover Christmas Photos on WeChat from iCloud

“There are some Christmas WeChat photos on iPhone that i want to show my friends, but i couldn’t find them. How...

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01/18/2017 From Overblog

How to Get WeChat Messages When Lost Your iPhone

“I was on the bus heading to our annual meeting, then i couldn’t find my iPhone. So i suppose i have lost my iPhone...

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01/17/2017 From Overblog

Recover New Year videos from WeChat on iPhone 7

“There are many New Year videos on my WeChat, but i couldn’t find it on my iPhone 7. Anyone can help me recover...

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01/16/2017 From Overblog

Recover Christmas Video from WeChat on iPhone without Backup

“I feel so sorry that i didn’t do any backup of WeChat videos on my iPhone, now i lost some Christmas WeChat video...

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01/13/2017 From Overblog

What to do when delete your WeChat data occasionally on iPhone?

“What can i do when i delete my WeChat data occasionally on iPhone? Anyone has the similar experience and what...

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01/12/2017 From Overblog

The Difference between WeChat and Facebook

WeChat is popular in China, while Facebook is popular in USA. What’s the difference between WeChat and Facebook?...

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01/11/2017 From Overblog

Retrieve Lost WeChat Contacts on iPhone 7

“I bought a new iPhone 7, after using one or two month, i couldn’t find some of my WeChat contacts. I suppose they...

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01/10/2017 From Overblog

Backup New Year messages from WeChat on iPhone

Some people may be just wondering backup New Year messages from WeChat on iPhone, then they can recover them when...

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01/09/2017 From Overblog

How to use WeChat wallet on iPhone during New Year?

“New Year is coming, I want to send some WeChat red pocket to my friends or doing some payment. Anyone can tell...

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01/06/2017 From Overblog

How to Backup Christmas WeChat Messages on iTunes

This article focus on teach people who have no experience of backup iPhone data on iTunes, read it and learn how...

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