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WeChat things, like usage, tips, message recovery, photo recovery ect.

How to Push Content to WeChat

What’s is WeChat push content? Do you know how to push content to WeChat?

“Every day i will read some articles pushed by some WeChat official account, and i also want to write something and push those content to WeChat. But how to push content to WeChat?”

When related to push content to WeChat, we can also consider it as some contents pushed by WeChat official account, like articles, texts, photos ect. Usually it’s business action, they push their marketing or products to people, and make people know more about them. Now do you want to puch your own articles to WeChat? Now in this article, we’ll focus on teach you how to push content to WeChat, read it and learn more.

Push Content to WeChat

Now you can use the App named Weitie to help us, just search it and pay attention to it then write something according to its instruction. Please note it will shows in Chinese, you can long press the messages and translate it into english. See below steps.

1.go to Social/Contact, then tap on “+” icon on the top right corner, and input “Weitie” and search for it.

2.after searching it, click “Pay Attention”, then wait for its approvement.

3. then open Weitie, click the button “Create Weitie” at the left bottom corner, then choose the content you need to publish, like “Pictures and Texts”.

4.then you’ll receive some messages asking which kind of posts you want to create. Choose the third option “Article” for example.

5.now choose a cover photo for your article, you can add the photo just like you send photo to your friends through WeChat by click “+” icon.

6.then you may ask to add body photo, and you can also skip it. Then input your texts. And when you finish with it, just send “2” and send them. At the same time, WeChat will push you a link for your article.

7.then long press your article and forward them to your WeChat conversation to push them.

When you have finish several posts, you can check them from “My Weitie”, and review them.

Now you can open your WeChat and follow those steps to push your content to WeChat.

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For detailed steps, you can refer to below article:

Recover Lost WeChat Audio Messages from Red iPhone 7

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