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WeChat things, like usage, tips, message recovery, photo recovery ect.

The Difference Between WeChat Group Chat and WhatsApp Group Chat

Most of us have used WeChat and WhatsApp at the same time, which one do you prefer? Do you know the difference between WeChat group chat and WhatsApp group chat?

We’re always using chat Apps talking with our family and friends, like WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype ect. And the most popular one we’re using to talk with our family and friends are WeChat and WhatsApp, and we will also create some group chats for our family and friends on WeChat and WhatsApp. But what’s the difference between WeChat group chat and WhatsApp group chat?

Now in this article, we’ll learn some difference between WeChat group chat and WhatsApp group chat.

The Difference Between WeChat Group Chat and WhatsApp Group Chat

Both WeChat and WhatsApp are chat Apps, and they support us to send and receive instant messages, calls, photos, videos, just so many feature similar. So here, we’ll show you the difference between them.

For the member of Group chat:

On WeChat, we can add to 500 member on our group chat, large amount. And it still allows us to send audio messages, photos, videos ect, and every member can share the group QR code to other people to join it, or you can also add them from your WeChat contacts. And the group member can also quit the group chat if he doesn’t want to be the member of it.

On WhatsApp, it allows us to add about 200 members in one group chat. And only the group owner can add new members to this group chat, and he can also remove the group member when he finds he add the wrong person.

Quit the Group Chat:

When we quite a group chat on WeChat, there will be a message delivered on the group chat saying you have quit them, and then they couldn’t see your name and icon on group chat member page.

But on WhatsApp, when you quit the group chat, they can still see your icon and files on group chat member page, and you can still see the chat history. If you’re the group owner and you quit the group, it’ll assign a new member to be the owner randomly.

Delete the group:

On WeChat, if the owner finds the group chat becomes a zombie group, he or she can delete it. Click group chat icon, and scroll down, you’ll find the option of deleting your group chat. Then all members couldn’t see the chat history.

On WhatsApp, when the owner quit the group chat, it will appear a message asking if you need to delete this group. And you can also go to Chat tab, click and hold on the group name, and tap on “Trash the iCon”. Then it’ll be ok.

Ok, today we’ll talk about those difference between WeChat group chat and WhatsApp group chat. No matter which one you’re using, hope you enjoy your time with it.

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For detailed steps, you can refer to below article:

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